Loyalty in Pets

There are many reasons why owning a pet is a rewarding experience. Pets are lovable, friendly and provide companionship to their owners.  There are also health benefits associated with being a pet owner. They help keep you cheerful and active and give you a purpose and a life to care for.

Is there anything more rewarding than being on the receiving end of your pets affection? With a lick of their tongue, a nudge of their head or a nap on your lap, animals show their love in a variety of ways, but it’s easy to tell they are loyal and loving companions. They seem to ask for so little and give love so willingly. Animals come to us with open hearts and innocent souls. We take care of them, and they trust us. Unlike humans, animals forgive and forget, they don’t hold grudges and they profess their love to you with a single doe-eyed look. In honor of Responsible Pet Owner Month, (February), let’s celebrate the devotion our pets show us and pledge to care for them to the best of our ability.

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  1. i was starting to sense i would probably end up being the only guy who thought about this, at the least at this point i understand i’m not crazy :) i’ll make sure to look at a couple of different threads when i get my morning caffeine in me, it is actually difficult to read without my coffee, adios for now :)

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